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115 men get bail in Bengaluru violence case

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: The Karnataka High Court has granted bail to 115 Muslims arrested in connection with the 11 August 2020 violence that had taken place in K.G. Halli-D.J. Halli in Bengaluru.

The violence had broken out over an insulting post shared by a Congress politician against Prophet Muhammad on Facebook. Police had arrested hundreds of people under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had taken over the probe later.

The court ordered release of the 115 men under the provision of ”default” bail as the NIA failed to file chargesheet against them within the specified time period.

The high court set aside a special court’s order giving the National Investigation Agency (NIA) an additional 90 days for completing the investigation. The court said such extension of time without the accused being notified is legally unsustainable.

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