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Allah: The Fountainhead of Universal Love

“Blessed be He in whose hands is Dominion; and he over all things hath power”. (67:1)

Allah asserts all authorities and sovereignty with a purpose to provide provisions and development to his creation universally. In addition to physical development of human being, it is human soul (Nafs) which is recipient of Godly attributes enable him to be capable to grow in every aspect, as desired by Almighty. The human body develops form what it takes and consumes, however inner self develops by serving others as well as being compassionate and peace loving. Although, this internal self/Nafs cannot be seen, felt, touch, it remains to be understood by developing the inner power in consonance with God’s aura/higher self. The Momin/believer is really has multifarious manifestations of attributes because he firmly reposed his trust in the Almighty in free will, thus feels happy by doing welfare to others or sacrificing for others.

The human body’s development is based upon instinct i.e. when he lives at material/animal level, he gives no preference to others albeit may indulge in exploiting/harassing, however if it is at the higher/conscious level, the human being would always be caring/rearing to others. Animal is carefree and contented once its needs are fulfilled, in opposite a human being/Nafs would continue endeavoring for betterment, for the self and for others too. This inner bonding is socially established and as per universal standard, irrespective of race, language, religion, etc. The mutual respect/tolerance is based solely on the basis of being human being (Nafs). The physical strength, prosperity, knowledge, etc. are of no value, as regards humanity is concerned because a powerful man may not be powerful hereinafter as a human being requires to cross the threshold between here and hereinafter on the basis of his compassion, harmony and peace among all. One, with humanity is destined to Jannat while, if devoid of humanity, is destined to hell/Jaheem, which is a barrier not allowing to move forward. The choices we make in this life will decide where we end up in the next life:

O, our Sustainer!

Accept our humble efforts

Because you are fully aware of what we speak

And what is hidden on our hearts. (2:127)

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