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Assam’s Shaeema earns accolade for research in Quantum Physics

Guwahati: Shaeema Zaman Ahmed, the youngster from Guwahati -Assam, brought laurels to the State and India for her visionary work on quantum physics research, for which she was awarded the PhD from Aarhus University, in Denmark, on June 28, 2021.

After her earlier schooling at Maria’s Public School, Guwahati, and her Masters in Physics from Delhi University, Shaeema was at the forefront of science outreach and astronomy education with Zlife Education in New Delhi. Thereafter, she was offered a Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD fellowship at Aarhus University,Denmark, and was part of the Quantum-enhanced Sensing via Quantum Control (QusCo) EU programme.

Her work focussed on investigating the use and impact of quantum games and simulation tools in quantum physics education, science outreach, and quantum control research. She was part of the design process in Quantum Moves 2 and Lab Manager and simulation tools like the Quantum Composer.

Her research studies on these tools explored how simulations can improve student learning of quantum mechanics. Additionally, her work also addressed the potential of a citizen science game as a method to crowdsource solutions to solve  quantum control problems, and the impact of the use of simulations in quantum physics outreach training.

The work was carried out under the supervision of Prof Jacob Friis Sherson, and the external examiners were Prof Sabrina Maniscalco from the University of Turku, Finland and Prof Stefan Heusler from the University of Münster, Germany.

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