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Attending SXSW? Catch Muslim Girl There!

Our #HEIC (aka head editor-in-chief!) Amani Al-Khatahtbeh will be giving her first solo talk at South by Southwest this weekend! If you’re in town, be sure to attend “Muslim Girl Comes of Age” on the SXSW stage. It might be called SXSW, but for us, this is totally #SXMG. Details are below; add this panel to your SXSW schedule by starring it here!

Summary: Religious freedom is a cornerstone of the American dream. But what is the experience of a young Muslim girl living in New Jersey in the aftermath of 9/11? Amani Al-Khatahtbeh responded by creating a space for Muslim women to talk back to negative, inaccurate media representations of people who share their faith. is the most-read platform for Muslim women’s voices in the West and an inspiration to a generation of women making their voices heard. Hear her story and learn how she built her own media powerhouse at the age of 17.

Date & Time: March 13, 2017 @ 11 a.m.

Primary Access: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Badge, Music Badge, Artist Wristband

Track: Social Impact

Amani will also be speaking on a panel hosted by Urban Outfitters and Teen Vogue in conversation with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregai and Orange is the New Black‘s Jackie Cruz. The panel is titled, “People Aren’t Illegal: The Importance of Immigration and Asylum,” and will be held on Sunday, March 12 @ 1 PM. More info can be found here.

Follow Amani along at SXSW by using the hashtag #SXMG!

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