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Badruddin Ajmal re-elected AIDUF President

Guwahati: Badruddin Ajmal has been again elected as the President of All India United Democratic Front (AIDUF) during the party’s general meeting on Friday.

While talking to ANI, after being elected as the President of AIDUF by the party workers and leaders, Ajmal said “AIDUF is ready to join the all-India level opposition alliance to fight against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). We have welcomed the all-India grand alliance being formed by Nitish Kumar. We want it to succeed in Assam too. They’ll come here in a month. We expect Mamata Banerjee and Congress to join it by then. This has been formed to bid adieu to BJP at the Centre.”

He also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government regarding the Hijab issue and Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

“In India, UCC can never be implemented. Everyone has their own culture and no one can be forced to follow a particular culture,” he said.

While reacting to the Miya Museum issue, he said “there is no issue in it, it is completely a political issue”.

Miya Parishat recently inaugurated a private Miya Museum at the Dapkarbhita Lakhipur area in Assam’s Goalpara district, which erupted in controversy and the indigenous Assamese community sees this as a threat to their identity.

The so-called museum showcased traditional agricultural tools, fishing tools, and lungi, among some other artefacts.

Reacting to it, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said nothing belongs to the Miya community except a ‘Lungi’ in the museum and said that the state government would probe the matter.

“I don’t understand what this museum is. The material which has been placed there belongs to the Assamese people except for Lungi (a piece of cloth). They have placed on Nangol (a tool used to plough land), fishing equipment there, but our scheduled caste people have used these traditional types of equipment for decades and decades. What is new in there except ‘Lungi’?” the CM said.

Meanwhile, the district administration has sealed the so-called museum citing that the museum was illegally inaugurated in a government-funded PMAY house. Three involved in connection with the museum have been arrested.

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