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“Barabanki Mosque demolition: Response of a true Muslim”

O you who believe, seek assistance (from Allah) through patience and (Necessity) Prayer; surely Allah is with the patient” (Quran 2:153)

Message of peace and fraternity is sole spirit of Islam that should be obliged & followed by all Muslims who truly believe in Ahadees and Quran. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) never preferred violence over peace with plenty of examples in history to justify this stance. Prophet Muhammad knew that peace brings happiness and unity in the society. Indian Muslims practiced this aspect in letter and spirit when they cooperated with U.P Police during the recent demolition of a Mosque in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. They believed & showed that adopting tranquillity and spreading love among different communities is the true path shown by their Prophet (PBUH) to cope up with difficult situations. Instead of giving knee jerk reactions, they allowed the police to do their work and those who were unsatisfied with the Police action simply moved to court without making any hue & cry. Indian Muslims showed that violence signifies death, loss of beloved and killing of innocent human beings which in confrontation with Islamic teachings.

God grants to rifq (gentleness) what He does not grant to anf (violence). (Abu Dawud 4/255), God grants to non-violence what He does not grant to violence”

Those having knowledge of the Barabanki mosque issue knew that the mosque has been constructed on illegal land and offering prayers in these type of mosques was not permissible in Islam. When the administration came to demolish the mosque after notice period was over, none of the locales protested and stayed indoors. However, organisations with political motive started highlighting the issue and victimisation of Muslims which in turn was highlighted by some international media houses to defame India internationally. Under such compelling circumstances, Indian Muslims showed exemplary behaviour and sided with the government and proved the reporting of international media as a big lie.

Mohammad (PBUH) always advocated love, peace, honest dealing, fraternity, patience, and made a universal appeal to maintain peace and harmony in the world. This is being followed in letter and spirit by all Indian Muslims who showed faith in judicial system for getting justice, supported the police and remain calm even in tense situations.

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