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Bareilly: Several lakhs people attend the 100th Urs e Ala Hazrat celebration

100th Urs e Ala Hazrat

By Amir Hussain Tehsini

Bareilly (UP): Urs-e-Razvi, the annual URS anniversary of Mujadid Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadri popularly known as Aala Hazrat who propagated the early traditions of Islam among the common Muslims of the Indian subcontinent was attended by lakhs of followers  from India and abroad. This time, Urs-e-Razvi, was observed from November 3 to 5, and proved to be a grand affair as it was the 100th anniversary of the most influential Islamic scholars. Academicians and scholars gathered at Bareilly to commemorate the 100th URS celebration and presented their research on the various scholarly aspects of the great scholar.

Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Qadri presided over the last day of the Urs which concluded with the Qul Shareef on Ala Hazrat. He appealed Muslims to adopt education and  attain economic freedom with the help of Zakat. He demanded safety and security for the Muslims from the government. He was of the view that without harmony and peace no development can take place.

The three day celebration at Bareilly started with an academic conference on the subject of ‘Razawiyaat’ – a field of study that deals with the research and development on Sunni-Sufi Islam in the light of the ideas and early traditional ideology of Aalahazrat. More than 100 scholars and experts from over 25 top Universities and Islamic seminaries attended the conference organised by Kanzuliman Foundation at Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Bareilly and presented their research papers at the conference. Topics like – use of Mic during Salaah, prediction of the collision of the planets by an American astronomer with the help of Astronomy, the references to Mathematics, Algebra, Economics and Commerce, etc were discussed widely and were presented in the light of the ideas and writings of Aalahazrat which eventually lead to the irrefutable conclusion that Allah Almighty had bestowed upon A’la Hadhrat the deep and extensive knowledge of various sciences.

The renowned delegates, researchers and spiritual leader from India and abroad expressed their views during the conference. Engineer Amir Hussain Tahseeni, President Kanzuliman Foundation said “in these times where we live under the shadow of extremist Wahhabi ideology which is destroying the tenets of Islam it’s important that academicians and Islamic scholars should come on a single platform and exchange thoughts in the light of ‘Razawiyaat’ in order to spread the true message of Islam and refute the hardline Wahhabi ideology in the light of ideas penned by Mujaddid Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi.

He briefed media that the ‘One Day Conference was attended by scholars and academicians  from India and abroad, notably scholars and academic researchers from renowned universities in India, Egypt, Albania, USA, UK, South Africa, and Sri Lanka shared their ideas in their research papers. We received over fifty research papers on Aalahazrat in 5 different languages (English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Persian) and shortlisted 25 that were presented during the conference’.

Lect. Yasir Raza Qadri, Vice President and head of research activities at Kanzuliman Foundation said ‘the conference was followed by the launch of Kanzuliman International Academic Journal on Radhwiyaat (KAIJOR) to a public research desk was also inaugurated during the conference that will assist the scholars at graduation, M. Phil. And Ph.D. level and will facilitate them on writing their thesis, research papers and articles on Sunni Islam in the light of ideas of Aalahazrat’.

During the conference an English version of Kanzuliman (translation of the Holy Quran penned by Aalahazrat) was also launched by the members of Raza Academy, Mumbai who participated as a deligatory organisation during the conference, the idea of such an academic conference was equally appreciated by the delegates and chief guests namely Mawlana Hassan Raza Khan, Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqaah Aalaiya Qadriyya Barkatiya Razawiyya Nooria Tehsinia, Bareilly Shareef and Muhammad Saeed Noori, General Secretary Raza Academy, Mumbai.

Lect. Yasir Raza expressed his strong hope and plans to hold such seminars and publishing the Kanzuliman International Aacdemic Journal on Razawiyaat (KAIJOR) year on year on the occasion of Urs-e-Razvi under the guidance of prominent Ulama Mufti Swaleh Sahab, Mufti Haneef Khan Razvi, Mufti Anwar Ahmad Amjadi and Qadhi Shaheed Alam.

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