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Community leaders, NGOs prepare roadmap to help Kokan flood victims

By Samiullah Khan

A meeting of community leaders and  representative of various  NGOs held in Haj House in Mumbai to support the flood victims of the Konkan region mainly Chiplun, Khed and Mahad. Notably, Mumbai has not geographical connection but also a spiritual connection with Konkan region, so the Mumbaikars’ heartbeat is a bit faster on the tragic situation of Konkan region.

Konkan flooded region is not only concerned in Mumbai and Maharashtra but also abroad countries for the relief work due to the flood damage, so the organizers made it very clear at the beginning of the meeting that the local NGOs and social workers of Mahad, Khed, and Chiplun and their associations have been working hard from day one to bring back the flood-affected areas. This meeting is aimed to make better communication and coordination between the ongoing work in the affected areas, for fruitful results, so that whatever is done on the ground with the help of Mumbaikars can be fruitful.

Among the issues came under discussion over which consensus was made:

A call center will be established through which all the working people and social organizations will be contacted to further organize the relief work in the Konkan region. wherein Information on the affected areas will also be collected in this call center. The Call center will also provide database assistance to relief and rehabilitation workers. This call center will work in collaboration with all national and social organizations. It will not be affected by any particular organization or specific party. There will be a joint liaison platform for all organizations and government agencies for Konkan relief work. To ensure this call center as soon as possible, all the participants expressed their support and a plan of action was drawn up for its immediate establishment.

The Call Center team is decided as follows:

1) Rafid Shehab 2) Dr. Danish Lambe 3) Samiullah Khan 4) Yusuf Sheikh 5) Sufyan Gigani 6) Khalil Memon 7) Mufti Habib

During the discussion in the meeting, there were concerns over efforts to ensure the reconstruction of flood-damaged Kokni families by all possible means of rehabilitation, and a team was set up to prepare a report on the damaged houses and shops, which is very important.

Survey and panchnama team, who will start working with the following personalities: 1) Kazim Malik. 2) Ejaz Pendlikar 3) Abdul Haseeb Bhatkar 4) Mubashir Jamadar 5) Shakir Sheikh 6) Yasin Dalvi 7) Arif Malaji

For the next legal action of relief, a permanent team was selected to represent the government and non-government affairs of permanent relief and rehabilitation work.

The Legal team is as follows: 1) Saleem Alware 2) Amin Solkar 3) Shadab Kate 4) Farid Sheikh Peace Committee 5) Mushtaq Dalvi 6) Dr. Danish Lambe 7) Faqir Muhammad Thakur.

In addition, another very important and useful thing is the establishment of the Federation of Konkani NGOs, which will liaise with the presidents and secretaries of all All jamaats and organizations working in Konkan. And will work with them to move things forward.

The Relief team following dignitaries from Mumbai are currently the only ones to be named for this federation, with room for further expansion: 1) Prof. Sirajuddin Chogle, 2) Mufti Mohammad Ashfaq Qazi Jamia Masjid Mumbai 3) Mufti Abdul Ahad Falahi, Patharwali Masjid, Mohammad Ali Road, 4) Abdul Aziz Mahate 5) Shoaib Khatib Chairman Jamia Masjid Bombay 6) Dr. Wasim Phophlonkar 7) Imran Alvi 8 (Mufti Yahya Moin 9) Mufti Tahir Chauhan 10) Amin Solkar. 11) Abdul Haseeb Bhatkar

All of these people were already working hard and selflessly for the welfare of Konkan. Now all the work is being streamlined and the scope of work is being expanded to streamline government agencies. In which it is established that at the local level Chiplun, Mahad, and Khed as well as at the party level, found social and religious organizations such as, Leaders of Anjuman-e-Dardmandan, Tablighi Jamaat, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, and local units of Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Jamiat Ahl-e-Sunnat and Jamaat will continue to be included in them.

It will also liaise with committees and local Kokan officials and representatives of the federation who are already working there, e.g. Rafiq Purkar, Khalid Parkar, Yasin Dalvi, Maulana Sadiq Mastri Chiplun, Mufti Anwar Khan Sargroh Ratnagiri, Qazi Hussain Mahamkar Shrivardhan Mufti Umar Dhamskar Pimpli, Maulana Abdul Salam Jalal Raigarh And with other responsible gentlemen whose names are difficult to cover in this report, the work will be organized with their liaison.

Similarly, associations of different professions will be formed in the context of this federation which will make the public welfare affairs in Kokan stable and useful.

Similarly, associations of different professions will be formed in the context of this federation which will make the public welfare affairs in Kokan stable and useful. Muhammad Ali Patankar, Amin Solkar, Farid Sheikh, Shoaib Khatib, Mufti Abdul Ahad Falahi, Mufti Habib Patel, Mufti Tahir Chauhan, Abdul Aziz Mahat, Nayyar Shaaban, Kazim Malik, Abdul Haseeb Bhatkar, Mushtaq Dalvi, Dr. Wasim Phophlonkar, Dr. Sirajuddin Chogle, Dr. Danish Lambe, and other social leaders discussed valuable advice and useful suggestions and put them into practice.

The meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, Mufti Yahya Moin presented the agenda, and the organizer of the meeting, Mufti Muhammad Ashfaq Qazi, concluded the proceedings of the meeting with great care and goodwill.

It is hoped that these arrangements will further benefit the victims of the Kokan Flood, whose shops have been damaged or their livelihoods have been ruined in any way. This is the teaching of Islam and the need for humanity to stand up for society. May Allah Almighty look at this gathering of Hajj House, reward the organizers, and accept the religious and human feelings of the participants. And ensure the things that are planned and enrich us all with the wealth of sincerity.

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