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Congress uses Hindu for political gains: BJP

Sundhanshu Trivedi

New Delhi : The BJP on Monday accused the Congress of playing politics over the term Hindu, saying it symbolised its ignorance.

“Digvijaya Singh has used Hindu word in last couple of days for number of times. He has also said that there is no Hindu word,” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sundhanshu Trivedi told media at a press conference here.

Firing salvos at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leader asked, “When there is no Hindu word, then how did Randeep Singh Surjewala call you a ‘janeudhari’ Hindu?”

“How many times your party will change its stand? On one hand in Kerala your party workers organise beef party and on other they convert into a ‘janeudhari’ Hindu,” he said.


“The manner their party leaders are speaking not only signifies their ignorance but also a deep rooted conspiracy,” he said.

Slamming Digvijaya Singh, Trivedi said, “He is such a learned leader that he can see ‘ji’ in Osama Bin Laden, he sees ‘Saheb’ in Hafiz Saeed and a peace loving person in Zakir Naik. This understanding of Singh and his party is exposed now.

“I want to give facts on Hindu to Singh. He should read page 72-73 of the Discovery of India written by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Where he said that this world came into practice after 10th century and it was indicated towards by and large those who are living in this Indian subcontinent denoting their culture.”

“Rahul Gandhi should say whether he is comfortable with the definition of Hindu given by his great grandfather or with Singh?” he asked.


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