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Haryana: Muslim truck driver attacked by cow vigilantes in Palwal

In the Indian state of Haryana’s Palwal city, cow vigilantes known as “gau rakshaks” followed and beat up a Muslim truck driver on suspicion of carrying animals.

The violent cow vigilantes are the self-declared guardians of cows. The episode serves as a crystal-clear illustration of the harmful effects of such vigilantism.


The clumsily produced video that went popular on social media makes the situation even more nasty and unsettling. The cow vigilantes can be seen in the video pursuing and “rescuing” animals from the young Muslim truck driver. According to media sources, the video also has text that includes the incident’s date and the cow vigilante squads engaged.

Recently, several incidents of cow vigilante attacks on innocent Muslim men have been documented on social media and in a number of media sites. These assaults frequently rest only on suppositions or rumours.

Speaking to the media, a social activist from Palwal said it was the government’s duty to take stern action against these organisations and make sure the rule of law is upheld.

“The authorities must also tackle the underlying issues that are fuelling such vigilantism, such as religious intolerance and hatred towards minorities,” media reports quoted him as saying.

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