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‘I find peace in praying five times a day’: Actor Vivian Dsena says he converted to Islam in 2019

Vivian Dsena with wife Nouran Aly (L), Vivian Dsena (R)

by Muslim Mirror Staff

Vivian Dsena, a well-known television actor, recently disclosed that he converted to Islam in 2019. Vivian said that he was born Christian, and now follows Islam. 


“Nothing much has changed in my life. I was born Christian, and I follow Islam now. I started following Islam during the holy month of Ramadan in 2019. I find a lot of peace and solace in praying five times a day. So, here I put all the unsought speculations to rest.”

The actor also confirmed that he married Nouran Aly, a former journalist in Egypt, in a small ceremony about a year ago.

“Yes, I am married and have a four-month-old daughter. What’s the big deal about it, and how is this anyone’s concern? We would have announced the news of my marriage and the arrival of my daughter, but when I thought the time was right. I tied the knot with Nouran in an intimate ceremony in Egypt around a year ago,” Dsena said in an interview with Bombay Times.

“Becoming a father is a dream come true and the most wonderful feeling. I feel on top of the world each time I hold my baby in my arms. What more could I have asked for? We have named our daughter Layan Vivian Dsena,” he said.

“I have always maintained that I want to keep my personal and professional lives separate. I don’t want my family in the limelight, and that’s something even Nouran doesn’t wish to be put through. I am extremely protective of my family. Nothing much has changed in my life,” he added. 

Vivian previously married his Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani co-star Vahbiz Vahbiz Dorabjee.

They tied the knot in 2013 but filed for divorce in 2016.

The actor had recently wished all his fans at the beginning of Ramadan.

“Almighty. On this blessed first Friday in #Ramadan make us among those who fast sincerely for your sake. May you accept our fasts and nights in prayer which we do in full submission. Keep us away from heedlessness and forgive all our sins. Amen,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

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