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Indians can now travel to this country without a visa

SAO PAULO: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday declared that Indians will no longer need visas to visit the country, making it a hassle-free trip.

The exception has been made to the Chinese tourists as well as for people visiting Brazil for business purposes.

According to The Hindu reports, the Embassy of Brazil confirmed on Friday after President Jair announced of the same on October 24, 2019 .

“The government of Brazil intends to bring in a policy to facilitate easier entry for Indian tourists and business persons from India as we want to boost people-to-people contact between the two countries and increase foreign investment into Brazil,” said a embassy spokesperson.

Brazil has already waived visa requirements for tourists belonging to United States, Canada, Japan and Australia do not need a visa to enter the country.

The move by the Brazilian leader is expected to increase India travellers to South America’s favourite nation, which has been already gaining popularity for business as well as leisure tourism.

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