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Instances of communal harmony Part 2

a) Hindus contribute for the marriage of a Muslim’s daughter

In a gesture of brotherly equations between Hindus and Muslims, Hindus of village Hatnara, district Ratlam, M.P. extinguished a fire gutting the house of a Muslim (Shahjad Mansuri), rescued the family, provided help for rebuilding the house/domestic needs and now have been contributing for the ‘Nikah’ of the financially devastated Muslim’s daughter.

b) Hindus and Sikhs donate land/funds, hold Kar Sewa for a Masjid

Marking an example of social unity, Hindus (Brahmins) donated land for a mosque at village Moom, district Barnala, Punjab, besides contributing money and undertaking Kar Sewa by both Hindus and Sikhs for the construction of a Mosque to be used by their Muslim brethren, who so far were offering Namaj in a make-shift Dargah.

c) Hindus donate land for an approach road to Mosque

Countering alleged divide between Hindus and Muslims on RJB/BM issue, four Hindus of village Thavaipar near Ayodhya have donated pieces of their land for an approach road to a mosque, creating an example of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb, besides appraisals from Muslims who were so far forced to offer Namaj in the above mosque passing through a kachha mud road.

d) Holi celebrations begin from the Muslims’ houses

As an example of communal harmony and brotherly equations, in village Gudhijor, Holi procession starts from the houses of Muslims who participate in the observance including sprinkling of Gulal, singing of ‘Faags’, exchange of greetings and consumption of eatables along with their Hindu brethren. The practice of mutual celebration of Holi, Eid and Muharram is the part of village’s history since last 150 years.

e) Friday Namaz re-scheduled to facilitate Holi celebrations

The timing of Friday Namaj (2.3.2018/Day of Holi celebrations) was re-scheduled in several mosques in Firozabad, Muzaffarnagar, Barabanki, Bareili, Meerut etc. was re-scheduled to peaceful observation of Holi observance, on the call of Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahlee, Imam Eidgah, Lucknow, as an gesture of mutual tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

f) Chariot of empowerment of Muslim women marches ahead

The campaign of equality and empowerment to Muslim women is surging ahead around the globe and also in Muslim countries as well as in Indian sub-continent proactively, which is evident from the increased participation of Muslims in many spheres of life, subsequent taking over by Crown Prince Salaman in Saudi Arabia, election of 1st Hindu woman from down-trodden class as the Member of Parliament in Pakistan, participation of women in many fields in Afghanistan against the edicts of radicals/Talibans etc.

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