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Islam supports patriotism

Indeed. Islam is not inimical to patriotism (Hubbul Watani), it is radical/terrorist who propagate that the concept of homeland is ignorance/Jahiliyyah, merely a desperate human passion, a sin and against Khilafah/Ummah. The radicals like Sayyid Qutb of Muslim brotherhood, repeatedly expressed such extremist ideas in his book of Tafsir (Fi Zilal al-Quran). However, patriotism consists of nation, culture, civilization, history, politics, intellectual tendencies, organizations, geographical borders and the citizens including dignitaries. Love of country exists in every good human being and it is not forbidden or antithetic to any religion. For Muslim a country/homeland is where he bows down to offer namaz, has freedom to devote all practices, rites, his protection/security is guaranteed. It is a tendency which naturally resides in citizens and promotes their pride in their country for giving them equal opportunities to be a good/successful human being. Terror organizations are themselves ignorant because they do not utilize the correct resources of understanding the Quran/lslam. According to Ahadith, whenever the Prophet came back from journeys, he used to see the wall of Mecca with love, justifying his love to country i.e. patriotism. Several Muslim scholars have comprehensively discussed this subject and viewed that every human being feels pangs of homesickness, which encourages patriotism.

Thus, every Indian Muslim should continue to love his homeland and take part in its progress and development. His love of his country should not be confined merely to slogans, but rather this love should practically reflect into his daily activities. Additionally, he should take necessary steps to refute and defeat radical thought which declare patriotism’ to be

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