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Islam: The Religion of Peace and Brotherhood

Islam stands for/promotes peace and brotherhood because Holy Quran refers peace in the backdrop of humanity, terming it as one of the greatest gifts from Allah to the human beings. Verse below, assures believers of God’s cherished share in the form of peace/brotherhood:

The peace turns the fear into trust and commitment to Almighty.” (24:55)

Allah always helps those who work for peace as he would always be fearless like a woman committed for peace would never be fearful of thieves and robbers even during a solo travel from Madina to Al-Hamrah or else.” (Musnad Ahmed Bin Hambal)

Those who provided food to a hungry, Allah bestows them peace, eliminating the fear.” (106:4)

Holy Quran revels that Allah has sent the Nabi to open the paths of peace for human beings.

O! The people of book, your Prophet has come to awaken you of the facts hidden in the book, which is a sparkling gift from Allah that would pave the way for their journey to hereinafter through peace and commitment to the creator (16)” (5:15-16)

O honest! Always be steadfast for justice and do never support injustice or falsification against fellow beings as Allah knows everything of your good or bad intentions/acts.” (5:8)

In fact, holy Quran supports and promotes truce in order to restore peace which results into protection of weak and incapables even at the cost of a ‘Jihad’ on their behalf. It is clear that Islam does never accord violence thus, those who cause death to innocents and indulge in violence are severely condemned.

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