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It is dangerous for my Iman: Zaira urges fans to stop praising

MUMBAI: ‘Dangal’ fame actor Zaira Wasim was praised and criticised ever since she decided to quit celluloid world stating that it interfered in her religion.

The Kashmiri girl recently took to her micro-blogging site to share a post urging her fans not to praise her as it is dangerous for her Imaan.

Beginning her post with As-Salāmu Alaykum, the National Award-winning actor “acknowledged the love people are showering upon her”. However, along with that she also stated that “it isn’t gratifying at all to her as it is dangerous to her Iman.”

She wrote, ‘While I acknowledge with humility all the love people shower me with, I cannot emphasise enough how the praise that comes my way isn’t gratifying at all for me and how big of a test it is for me and how dangerous it is for my Iman. I’m not as righteous as I might lead many to believe. Instead, I urge everyone to not praise me in any manner but pray that Allah overlooks my shortcomings-which are too many to count, and fills the void in my heart with the light of His Mercy, Taqwa and increases me in Iman, rectifies my intentions and grants me knowledge that is beneficial and a heart and tongue that remembers Him at all times and turns to Him often in repentance, and allow me to perform righteous deeds only for His sake, allow me to remain steadfast and cause me to live and die as a Muslim (wholly submitting to Him) Jazakum Allahu Khayran.’

On June 30, “The Sky is Pink” star actor shared a detailed post on her social media pages, announcing her disassociation from acting in Bollywood stating that her current line of work is silently and unconsciously transitioned her “out of imaan (faith)”.

In the post, the actor stated that her work damaged her “peace, imaan and relationship with Allah.”

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