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Jamaat Islami plans to meet President Kovind on mob-lynching issue

By Adbul Bari Masoud,,

New Delhi: Expressing outrages over the growing incidents of lynching and hate crimes across the country, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on Saturday said it would meet the President of India and asked him to intervene in the matter. It also expressed deep concern over the expulsion of four million people from the citizenship of India in the final draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam.

Addressing monthly press conference, JIH Secretary General, Muhammad Salim Engineer said the mob lynching is a matter of grave concern and it needs to be dwelt sternly. He said Jamaat has planned a meeting on the subject with the president Ramnath Kovind. Jamaat along with different faith leaders and will present a joint-memorandum to him over the issue, he said.

“We are approaching different faith leaders for meeting with highest constitutional authority of the country (President of India) over lynching incidents and hate crimes.”


“The latest incidents being the gruesome killing of Rakhbar Khan of Alwar (Rajasthan) and the public lynching of Mohammed Azam a Hyderabad techie in Bidar (Karnataka). The Bidar incident happened in full public view and the presence of police who could not save Azam’s life. Other cases of hate crimes also continue unabated with a recent report that the beard of a Muslim youth was deliberately shaved and thrashed by miscreants in Gurugram (Haryana). Since the last four years hate crimes and lynching against Muslims and Dalits have increased a lot. Anti-social and criminal elements are becoming daring and emboldened because no serious action has been taken against them and this is creating fear in the common citizens. In fact the provocative language of some lawmakers of the ruling party regarding cow protection and the felicitation of those accused of lynching at the hands of Union Ministers is adding fuel to fire.”

Expressing deep concern over the expulsion of four million people from the citizenship of India in the final draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, Vice President of Jamaat, Nusrat Ali demanded the government to look into complaints regarding NRC officials who “exhibited bias and discrimination” against a particular linguistic community and did not accept their application despite possessing all legal papers.

“It is the job of the government to ensure that those left out in the NRC be given ample time and opportunity to carry out the necessary formalities for providing the necessary documents and correct the many anomalies and discrepancies found in the draft NRC wherein the names of children are present but not their parents and vice versa.

He also cautioned that it is responsibility of the government is to keep a strict vigil on the law and order situation and prevent miscreants and anti-social elements to use the NRC issue as an excuse to engineer riots and large scale violence against the minority community by branding them as foreigners, infiltrators and terrorists.

He also criticized a section of media for fomenting communal discord by using the NRC report.

JIH President of Jamaat Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari has expressed dismayed and concerned over media reports that the Supreme Court may revise its opinion and legalize homosexual behavior between two consenting adults and it will not wait for the government to act if any law (i.e. section 377 of Indian Penal Code criminalizing homosexuality) violates fundamental rights. Maulana Umari warned that scrapping of Article 377 will lead social anarchy in the country.

He called on the judiciary, fellow citizens, the government and all political parties to save this country from falling into sexual anarchy, to protect our children from vile sexual predators, to safeguard the rights of our daughters and sisters.

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