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Journalist Siddique Kappan awaits Supreme Court’s nod to see his mother on her deathbed

New Delhi: Six days ago, the Kerala Union of Working Journalists had filed a plea in the Supreme Court seeking five days interim bail for journalist Siddique Kappan so that he can see his 90-year-old mother, who is on her deathbed. However, the plea is yet to be listed.

After many attempts and cases fought by Siddique’s wife Raihanath and his fellow journalists, the UP police had allowed a video call on January 28. But on that day, Kadeeja had been unconscious, unable to recognise Siddique — her Baava — over a video call.

”We tried our best to wake her up so she could see her son. But her condition was so bad that she didn’t even realise her son was at the other end of the video call,” Kappan’s wife Raihanath told The Telegraph on Saturday.

His 90-year-old mother, Kadija underwent a major operation in 2020. As per the report, in January she was discharged from a hospital after doctors said there is little they could do for her anymore.

At present, Kadiya stays with her elder son at Vengara in Malappuram district of Kerala. Raihana visits her frequently.

The top court has faced criticism as it conducted an instant hearing by a vocational bench and granted bail to Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami in an abetment to suicide case. However, the same court has failed to order Kappan’s release despite several hearings.

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