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Karnataka: Gadag police arrange shade for two-wheeler riders at traffic signals

Gadag: In the twin cities of Gadag-Betgeri, in north Karnataka where the relentless heat of the sun makes outdoor activities nearly unbearable, residents are facing significant challenges, especially for two-wheeler riders who are directly exposed to the scorching temperatures and harsh sunlight.

Recognizing the discomfort and safety concerns faced by commuters, particularly motorcyclists, amidst the oppressive heat, the Gadag police, in collaboration with the Gadag Betageri Municipal Council, has taken proactive measures to provide relief to the public.

Last year, the authorities initiated the installation of green mat canopies at strategic locations, starting with the Mulagunda Naka and Puttraj Circle junctions, known for heavy traffic congestion. These shaded areas offer respite from the blistering heat, providing much-needed relief to commuters waiting at traffic signals.

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The initiative has been expanded to include the massive Tipu Sultan Circle, where similar green mat canopies are currently being laid, ensuring that two-wheeler riders can seek shelter from the scorching sun while waiting for signals.

By erecting these shelters, the police department aims to address the issue of commuters, particularly two-wheeler riders, feeling fatigued and uncomfortable due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Often, this discomfort leads to impatience and potentially dangerous behaviour, such as jumping signals, posing risks to road safety.

At Mulagunda Naka, green mat canopies have been installed on four roads, providing relief to motorists who endure the intense heat for several minutes at each junction. SP BS Nemagowda’s proactive approach to implementing these measures has garnered praise from the residents of Gadag-Betageri.

The completion of the green mat installation at Pandita Puttaraja Circle and Mulagunda Naka signifies a significant step forward in providing relief to weary commuters.

As work progresses at Tipu Sultan Circle, residents express their gratitude to both the police department and the Gadag-Betageri Municipal Council for their efforts in improving public comfort and safety amidst challenging weather conditions.

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