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Kerala Muslim couple to re-marry after 29 years to enable daughters inherit

Sheena and C. Shukkur



Presenting an case for why India needs Uniform laws for all communities, a  Muslim couple in Kerala will get married on March 8 under the Special Marriages Act,  28 years  after they were married under the Islamic – Shariah  – laws so that they are able to bequeath their properties to their three daughters..


C. Shukkur, an eminent lawyer from Kasargod, married Dr Sheena in October 1994 and their wedding – nikah – was conducted by Indian Union Muslim League’s supreme leader Panakkad Syed Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal.


As they were married under the Sharia law, their daughters would get only two-thirds of the share of their father’s property, with the rest going to their father’s brothers.


To ensure that their hard-earned property should go to their children only, the couple will marry again under the Special Marriage Act which states that the succession to the property of any person solemnised under it will be governed by the Indian Succession Act.

Present at the marriage at the Hosdurg sub-registrar office will be their three girls besides their family members and friends.

Sheena is a former Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Kottayam-headquartered Mahatma Gandhi University..

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