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Khatib’s appeal to maintain peace after the judgement on RJB-BM issue

In the wake of the upcoming judgement on Ram Janam Bhoomi- Babri Masjid/RJB-BM issue, Dr. Iqbal Naiyar Qasmi (Khatib, Jama Masjid, Balumath, district Latehar, Jharkhand) urged (October 18, 2019) the Muslims to accept the verdict in all humility without coming on streets to celebrate the victory if the case is settled in favour of them or show any sign of mourning in case the judgement goes against them for a cordial relations with the Hindu’. Elaborating on the issue, the Khatib advised the Muslims not to take out any procession if the judgement comes in their favour or give ary reaction in case it goes against them. Instead they should ’digest the verdict.
Quoting an early year’s incident, he stated that a lady used to throw garbage on Prophet Mohammed every time he used to pass by her locality. One day when the Prophet went through her locality the lady did not turn up. This was quite unusual. The Prophet then enquired about her in the locality and went her home to see her after learning that she had fallen sick. This kind obture of the Prophet changed the heart of the lady and she eventual!’, begged pardon from the Prophet and embraced Islam.
Dr. Qasmi requested the Muslims to learn from the life of Prophet Mohammad and urged them to follow the path shown by the latter on maintaining peace, harmony on serhood in the society.

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