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Kirti Chakra amplifies heroism of Havildar Majid Hussain in Poonch

Army Commander meeting the mother of martyr havildar Majid Hussain at her house (X)

New Delhi


As the country was celebrating the 75th Republic Day, the Indian Army and residents of Poonch’s Ajote village in Jammu and Kashmir’s border area, celebrated the sacrifice of a son of the soil- a brave commando-Havildar Majid Hussain who laid down his life in an anti-terror operation in Rajouri in November last year.


The memory of his life and supreme sacrifice was revived on Republic day as senior Army officers visited his family in the village and in Delhi, the government declared that the braveheart would be honoured with Kirti Chakra, India’s second-highest award for bravery in peacetime.

Havildar Abdul Majeed comes from a family of servicemen and he also grew up thinking of joining the armed forces.

He is survived by his wife Sugra Bibi, one daughter and two sons, and parents. He has five siblings – one brother and four sisters.


Havildar Majid Hussain, a tall and handsome young man, was from the Parachute Regiment’s 9th Battalion – (special forces of the Indian army where the most talented and bravest of them are included.In the intervening night of November 22 and 23, the Indian Army and the J&K Police had laid a siege to the area where the terrorists were hiding in the jungles of Kalakote.

As the search operation was going on, the terrorists tried escape from a dhok (temporary mud house of nomadic tribesmen on high altitudes). Majid spotted and engaged them which was not possible without he coming out of his safe cover.

He sustained bullet injuries passed away while in the process saving many lives of civilians and the force personnel engaged in the anti-terror operation.

The operation continued and eventually all the terrorists were killed. However, apart from Havildar Abdul Majid, four other brave men Captain MV Pranjal, Captain Shubham Gupta, L-NK Sanjay Bisht and Paratrooper Sachin Laur lost their lives.

Army officers with the family of martyr Hav Majid Hussain


Majid Hussain was already a local hero in Poonch. However, the President announcing the award of the Kirti Chakra to Hussain for his courage and devotion to duty has magnified his image and aura.


On Republic Day, the General Officer Commanding (GOC), 25 Infantry Division, visited the family of the martyr as the townfolks watched in awe.He expressed his profound gratitude to Havildar Majid Hussain’s family. A release issued by the Indian army on the occasion said, “In a heartfelt tribute to a local son who went above and beyond in the line of duty, the family of the Braveheart was visited by his seniors and colleagues bestowing the spirit of care for their fallen brother.”


Havildar Majid Hussain exemplified the true spirit of a commando through his unwavering commitment to defending his homeland, the Army said on Friday. 


“In the challenging terrain of Poonch and Rajauri, he stood as a formidable force against terror, displaying unparalleled courage and determination in the highest traditions of the Indian Army. His supreme sacrifice in the pursuit of peace resonates deeply with the hearts of the people in Poonch and Rajouri,” PRO Defence said in a statement issued here.


The awarding of the Kirti Chakra is a symbol of conspicuous bravery of Havildar Majid Hussain’s selfless sacrifice, the Army said, adding, “Poonch, Rajauri, and the entire population of UT of J&K, stand indebted to this courageous commando. His actions go beyond a single moment in time; they serve as a perpetual source of inspiration for future generations.”


An Army officer hugging the father of Hav Majid Hussain in his village

“As the Hero of Poonch, Havildar Majid Hussain’s legacy lives on, becoming an enduring beacon of selflessness and dedication. His story will continue to resonate in the hearts of those from his hometown and across the nation. The gallantry award bestowed upon him is not just a medal; it is a symbol of honour, bravery, and a reminder of the sacrifices made in the relentless pursuit of peace and security.”


The spokesperson said the entire population of UT of J&K, particularly Poonch and Rajouri, stands indebted to this courageous commando. “His actions, extending beyond a singular moment, serve as an everlasting inspiration for future generations”.


Havildar Majid Hussain hailed as the Hero of Poonch, leaves behind a legacy of selflessness and dedication. His story will echo in the hearts of his hometown and across the nation, with the gallantry award serving as a poignant symbol of honor and a reminder of sacrifices made in the unwavering pursuit of peace and security.

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