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Kolkata mayor’s call to invite non-Muslims towards Islam draws outrage

The Mayor of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim’s remark at a recent felicitation event for Quran memorisers has sparked a political row, with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders condemning his statement, calling it an example of the ruling TMC’s ‘extreme appeasement politics’.

Speaking during the inaugural function of the All India Quran Competition on Friday, July 5, Hakim who holds the Urban Development and Municipal Affairs portfolios made the following remarks: “Those who were not born with Islam were born with misfortune. It will please Allah if they believe in Islam… by inviting them, Islam should spread among them.”

He further stated that those born into Islam will reach “Jannat” (paradise).

MS Education Academy

“I have requested for this foundation. That is to say…. if we do such a ceremony, especially as Muslims, then Islam ought to be introduced to non-Mulims. Because we have the mercy of our own Allah. We are born with Islam by birth, and that indicates that our Messenger has prepared the path to Paradise for us. Being born into an Islamic family means that if I do nothing major wrong, I will one day reach heaven,” Hakim said.

“Those whom Allah has not given that mercy, if they understand the meaning of recitation and the Quran Sharif and if we make even one person believe, then our path to Paradise will be safe,” he added.

Hakim went on to say, “Most people are aware of our prayer etiquette since we are Muslims. However, for those who were born with misfortune, and those who were not born with Islam, Islam is also called to them. That is…. it will delight Allah Ta’ala if they accept the invitation to believe in Islam.”

BJP’s reaction

Hakim’s statements have drawn sharp criticism from the BJP leaders.

BJP MP, Sukanta Majumdar took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “Firhad Hakim’s statement is highly condemnable. Suggesting that those not born as Muslims are born with misfortune and that converting to Islam is the way to please Allah is deeply offensive and divisive. Such remarks undermine the principles of religious freedom and equality.”

Amit Malviya, the BJP IT cell head, took to X (formerly Twitter) to attack the TMC for its “extreme appeasement politics” in West Bengal.

Malviya also referred to a recent incident where a TMC leader was seen publicly flogging a woman, drawing parallels to “Sharia Court punishment.” He warned that the TMC’s “underlying agenda” is to convert West Bengal into a “Muslim Rashtra” under the inspiration of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

I won’t respond if a dog barks

Following the outrage from BJP leaders, Hakim responded to his alleged statement. While speaking to ANI he said “It was not a controversial statement…I am a secular person. I give respect to all religions. I am not concerned about what the BJP says. The remark was not surrounding conversion.”

Hakim assured there is unity between Hindus and Muslims in Kolkata. He challenged the BJP to fight with them in Hindu-dominated areas.

“We tell them (BJP) to come and fight with us. Fight against us in Hindu areas. If you can defeat us, we will leave politics. I won’t respond if a dog barks,” Hakim said.

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