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Lok Sabha MPs seek reservation of more tribal communities

New Delhi: Lok Sabha members from different parties sought reservations for tribal communities from their areas with NCP MP Supriya Sule stressing the need for one integrated bill of quota.

The discussion was held in Lok Sabha on the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Third Amendment) Bill, 2022, which seeks to amend the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950, with respect to its application to Himachal Pradesh.

The order lists the tribal communities deemed to be Scheduled Tribes in states and Union territories. The Bill includes the Hattee community of Trans Giri area of the Sirmour district in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Himachal Pradesh.

Taking part in the discussion, Chandrani Murmu, the BJD MP from Keonjhar, said the tribals constitute 8 per cent of the population.

“They lack basic education and suffer discrimination. Empowerment is very crucial for the tribal population, she said, adding Odisha has the third largest tribal population and some tribes have not been included in the list.

Sule said in Maharashtra, communities such as Lingayats, Maratha Samaj, Dhangar Samaj and Muslims have all demanded inclusion in the list.

“Dhangar community was promised reservation by the BJP and even now they have not got it. If it can happen for Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu then why can’t it happen for Maharashtra? This bill is coming in pieces. Why can’t we have one bill for it,” she said.

Virendra Singh, the BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia, said the Gonds in eastern parts of the state is among the OBC list. “I request you to accommodate them under the ST list,” he said.

S T Hasan, the MP from Moradabad, said Gujjar Muslims should also get reservations while Indra Hang Subba, an MP from Sikkim, said 12 communities share tribal traits who have been demanding reservation but are yet to get it.

“I request you to address this issue. In Sikkim, we have a number of languages of tribals that need to be preserved and steps should be taken in this regard too,” he added.

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