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Mushairas continue to charm despite poor quality

Hyderabad: Have mushaeras (gatherings of poets where poetry is recited) lost their charm? No way. Not for Hyderabadis at least. Even the dreaded Corona did not deter them from slaking their poetic thirst. Die hard mushaera fans took to online mushaeras during the lockdown period to keep their literary juices flowing. One can’t think of Hyderabadis and the wah-wah sessions staying away for long.

After a long time the city is in for a grand mushaera. The Nawab Shah Alam Khan 5th All India Mushaera being organised at the Anwarul Uloom college on Saturday is expected to blow away the bitter memories of the pandemic and let people enjoy its enduring charm.

Mushaera is unique to the Urdu language and occupies a prominent place in the cultural calendar of Hyderabad. Besides being a touchstone for the popularity of poets, it also serves as a launching pad for budding bards. Notwithstanding the fact that Urdu has few takers, there is no drop in its mass appeal. And as such the institution of mushaera is alive and kicking in Hyderabad. However tight the schedule is, there is always time to squeeze in mehfil-e-sher-o-shayeri.

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