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Muslim Girl Founder Slams Racist Politics on Australian TV

Muslim Girl Founder, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, joined together with other leading writers and global thinkers on Australia’s most watched television show –  ABC’s Q&A last night. Together with panelists Rutger Bregman, Laurie Penny, Shashi Tahroor and Michael Fullilove, she took the internet by storm in response to audience questions ranging from Western feminism and hijabs to utopia and what *exactly* is going on with the U.S. President conflation of social media and official policy.  

Fetishization of Fashion and Feminism

Amani responded to questions conflating freedom with freedom from religion and condemned notions misrepresenting the choice to cover one’s hair with oppression. Citing France’s burkini ban as the Western equivalency of controlling a woman’s body and choices, she highlighted her own agency in wearing hijab and underscored that being asked “why” she wears hijab is inherently rooted in and an expectation that she is pressured to do so.

Slow Politics

The panelist of writers discussed the complexities and nuances that are forgotten, if not ignored, in the social policy that comes about from Presidential Tweets. One-hundred and forty characters will never be enough for a thoughtful statement from global leaders, and they have a responsibility to their community to more thoroughly elaborate on the scope and impact of their words. Amani spoke to the speed in which these society-altering announcements are made, highlighting that technology will only make things move faster. In response, she stated that “you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”


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