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No heaven for Terrorists

The Pulwama attack Fidayeen , a 20 year old Kashmiri youth and JeM cadre claiming in a pre-recorded video, “by the time people watch this video, I will be in heaven” has explicitly confirmed the incongruity of the illusion as well incited euphoria of a section of Muslim youths, who have joined extremism/violence. This false notion of sacrifice is derived neither from the Quran nor from Hadees/ Teachings of Prophet, but self styled upshots of unfounded ideology/notion being infused by radical organizers or vested interest states promoting for their own political ends. These terrorist organizations and radical ideologues have remained a permanent threat to World Peace by spreading violence resulting in killing of innocent people.

Islam is a religion based on peace and tolerance where violent extremism of any form has been unlawful. ‘God, calls to the Home of Peace’ (10:25). This ideology of violence, misinterpreting Islamic dictates, has been developed as ‘an attempt to regain the lost political glory of a bygone’ by terrorist/radicals is a challenge to the human race, as well as to the Muslim Community, though the Quran says “Strive for the casue of God as it behooves you to strive for it ‘(22:78), and it also opposes radicalization. “Not to be extremist in your religion”(22:78) & “Refrain from extremism, it is highly disastrous for you” (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith 3248) and also “No” to violence, “God grants to non-violence, what he does not grant to violence” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith:2593).

Indeed the Fidayeen, is a coward, bound to hell and not heaven, has been termed as a most condemnable soul in Islam. Youth of the nation, a force to reckon with, should always refrain from such misplaced sense of vision, should realize the true meaning of peaceful co-existence, harmony and universal brotherhood, in order to glorify the nation and upgrade their future as well.

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