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Non-Unani experts are being nominated on Unani boards

A group of Unani college students.

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: The National Unani Medical Confederation (NUMC) alleged that step-motherly treatment is being meted out to the Unani system of medicine in the country since the BJP-led government came to power. Unani has been systematically neglected or undermined at the official level and the Ayurveda is being promoted at the cost of other traditional medicines.

It pointed out that even the Unani experts are being neglected in nomination of Unani boards. The Confederation sent a strong letter to the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM) with a list of grievances and asked the authority to address these on a priority basis.

The letter states that “There are about 65 Unani Medical Colleges in India but surprisingly, President of the Board of Unani, Siddha and Sowa Rigpa were nominated from Siddha Medicine which has 2 or 3 colleges in Tamil Nadu only.

It drew the attention of the Chairman, NCISM that the Unani System of Medicine is neglected by the Government of India/Ministry of AYUSH and its subsidiary Institution.

There are a majority of Unani Expert in the Government Service not only in the Ministry of AYUSH but also in other t government Institutions all over the country but they are overlooked.

We strongly opposed the disregard of Unani System of Medicine by the Central / State Government on the basis of NCISM-2020 Act 2020, and like the separate Ayurvedic Board, there should be a separate Unani board and it should not merge with other traditional Medicines, the letter said.

The confederation made a strong pitch for a suitable amendment in the NCISM- Act 2020.

It underlines that “In India, Ayurveda & Unani System of Medicine has equal status, equal right to practice and all other privileges but due to NCISM Act 2020 the status of both have changed which are not beneficent for both the system; specially Unani Medicine will be neglected by the State/Central Government”.

It lamented that the Ayurveda Practitioners got the right to do surgery but Unani Practitioners were not permitted.

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