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On Slander and Back-biting

Good manners and good deeds on which there is the promise of a reward in the Hereafter are of different kinds and belong to different grades. Similarly, bad manners and evil deeds on which there is the warning of a penalty in After-life, too, are of different kinds and grades. The Almighty, in His infinite wisdom, has prescribed a reward or punishment on every good or evil act in proportion to its goodness or evilness. Thus, for double-dealing, the punishment on the Day of Reckoning will be that there will be two tongues of fire in the mouth of such a man.It is significant to note that some snakes, also, have two tongues.

There are, in fact, some faults and weaknesses that are most dangerous and grave misdeed in the judgement of the Lord, but we do not, generally, attach much importance to these vices, nor take enough care to avoid them. It is about such acts and iniquities that the Qur’an has said:

“Ye counted it a trifle, (but) the sight of Allah it is very great.” (XXIV: 15)

The evil habit of hypocrisy and double-dealing, too, is one among them. Many of us are apt to regard it an ordinary matter though both the aforementioned Traditions tell how sinful it is to indulge in it and what a grievous penalty has been got ready in the Hereafter for those who play double game or speak in two voices.

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