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Our #MuslimGirlArmy Tells Us Why They Marched

On January 20, 2018, thousands of women across the world rallied and marched against bigotry and hate. It marked the one year anniversary of the first women’s march, which was held all over the world. The amount of women, men, children and people of all ages were unbelievable. And while many came out in 2017 because of the election, this year people came out for a mission. We asked our followers on social media to tell us why they marched. Here are some of your responses:


Nic Aprecio Ata

Photo: Facebook

“I March for the under represented, the marginalized, the abused, the silent, the little girl inside me that remembers the bigotry and misogyny that I have endured.

I March because it’s my duty to the next generation to be on the right side of history. tweet

I March for people who look like me and for the ones that don’t, the ones with similar beliefs and the ones with different beliefs. I March for humanity, equal rights, justice, and all the ideals this country was based on. I March because it’s my duty to the next generation to be on the right side of history.”



Photo: Instagram

“I march for the women who are tired of being labeled. I march because women are not less than men. I march for the women who are told they’ll never find husbands because they’re successful, they’re independent, and they are unapologetically who they want to be.”


Haneen Hasan

Photo: Pinterest

“I march for equality. I march for those broken down, beaten, and abused by our toxic society. I march for those who continue to fight with their necks high despite all they’ve faced, and for those who can’t muster up that feeling anymore. I march for girls who were told they were less than boys, I march for boys who were told they had to hide their fears. I march for those who are scared, I march for those who can’t march anymore. #WhyIMarch”


Nusrat Qadir Chaudhry

Original Photo by: Ridwan Adhami

“It’s time for America to not only see women but hear women. I march so my voice will be united with the millions of women in this country determined to work towards our equity.”


Photo: Instagram

“I marched today #WomensMarch to show feminism and equal rights come in all different dresscodes including mine: the nikab.”


Fatima Younis

Photo credit: Shutterstock

“I march because there are too many women whose voices have been silenced and because I want to use my voice for others who can’t use theirs. I march for ALL women. I march for Palestinian women and black women and Latina women and Muslim women and indigenous women and all other women.

I want to use my voice for others who can’t use theirs. tweet

I march for my sisters who the system beats down. I march because I am unapologetically Muslim.”



Photo: Instagram

“Because it’s 2018!! Equality for all people, races, genders, everyone needs to be a thing!! Hatred and bullying will not be tolerated anymore! Equality is long overdue.”



Photo: Instagram

“Years from now, when our children and grandchildren learn about the women’s revolution of 2017/2018, when they learn about those fighting for equal rights, when they learn about the marches and the rallies of not just Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks and the like, but also the Women’s March, I want them to know that we were on the right side of history.

We stood for humanity and we won! tweet

We fought for equality, for honesty, for those without voices of their own. I want to proudly be able to say, ‘We stood for humanity and we won!’”

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