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Pentagon organizes Iftaar for Muslims serving the US Army

WASHINGTON: With the arrival of Holy Month of Ramadan across the globe, the United States Department of Defence has organized an Iftaar Party for its army’s Muslim community.

A video footage below shows the gathering of Muslims, both men and women, from different countries serving US Army offering Maghrib Salah at one of the Pentagon’s building evidently is a token of appreciation towards the Muslim army men/women serving the United States of America.

A gathering that would bring army men and women from different communities under one roof to know about the Auspicious month of Holy Ramadan.

Serving in one of the most advanced armies in the world, these Muslims share their views on how their journey in the States has evolved.

Major Jalal Malik who hails from Pakistan, when asked about his experience in US Army, he said: He is definitely treated like the other soldiers but it was only one or two instances were he faced problems being a Muslim in the army.

Thanking the only Creator, he says that Department also provides protection to its servicemen.

While Sergeant Kanate Williams serving in the army when asked about her experiences as Muslim in the army, she said: As a Muslim, belonging to the religion has its own ups-and-downs. Recalling the 11 September World Trade Center’s incident, she said, when the incident happened, she and her daughter did go through several instances where they were targeted for being Muslims.

That did continue for a quite a time but with time things returned to normal with Muslims helping each other through their difficult times in a foreign country.

Al-Sheeba Khan mother of martyred Kareem Rashad Khan is invited personally to the Iftaar party by the Pentagon for her son’s service to the US Army. He was martyred in Iraq’s war.

Freedom of Religion is one of the most important principle rules in America, hence the US Government doesn’t ask the religion of its soldiers since a soldier remains a soldier irrespective of his religion.

Speaking of it Sergeant Williams says there is definitely a significant presence of Muslims in the US Army and Pentagon does express its token of appreciation like this one in the month of holy Ramadan.

Muslims have always been contributing to the United States of America ever since the American Civil War. This grand gesture from the Pentagon towards Muslims serving the US Army definitely is a token of appreciation.

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