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PFI taught Jihad to Kerala Muslims: Rashid Abdulla

Rashid Abdulla, the leader of the Kerala module of the Islamic Statehas said that the National Development Front (NDF), the precursor of the Popular Front of India (PFI), was formed to wage Jihad against the oppressors of Muslims including the CPM and the RSS.

In the 70th edition of the voice message, Rashid, however, said the NDF lost the Islamic character after the formation of the political party Social Democratic Front of India (SDPI). Rashid, who hails from Kasargod district, is believed to be operating from Khurasan province in Afghanistan

The IS leader also raised a serious allegation that PFI leadership is doing spy work for the police. “They are identifying IS supporters and possible recruits for the IS to help the Kaffir government,” he said.

“The intention of the founders of the NDF was ‘Jihad Fi Sabilillah’ (fighting in the path of Allah). The content of the NDF classes include the tortures Muslims underwent in various parts of the country, the sacrifice one should suffer after becoming the member of the NDF and oath of allegiance to the organisation,” he said.

Rashid said NDF spoke of ‘defensive Jihad’ while all other Muslim organisations kept silent of the issue. “NDF was the only organisation that spoke about martyrs (Shaheed),” he said.

At one stage of its growth a thought was descended on the outfit to form a political party “to bring Islamic sharia through democracy.’ Rashid said that the Islamic character of the NDF was diluted after the formation of the SDPI.

“Earlier it was mandator for the cadres to do Fajr namaz, to remain inside the mosque for 30 minutes a week and fasting once a month. These conditions were lifted once the SDPI was formed and Islamic values were drained from the organisation” he said.

Rashid said an organisation that started as Islamic outfit later held freedom parade on August 15 and even distributed Onam kits to Muslims with an eye on their votes. “When SDPI worker Zainul Abid’s body was received the leaders asked the cadres not to shout ‘Takbir’ as it would affect the political party,” he said.

According to Rashid, lots of PFI members have shifted loyalty after the Islamic State came into being. “After realising that more and more cadres are joining the IS, the PFI leadership issued circulars saying that the organisation is returning to the original character,” Rashid said.

There are many IS supporters in the PFI but they are lying dormant. The leadership is resorting to many tricks to stops from joining the IS. Those with extremist leanings are told that PFI would join the IS at later stage and that PFI is the Islamic State in India. “Those who are against the Islamic State are told that IS is not real Islam,” Rashid said.

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