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Popular Front of India and Paris Attacks- Time to Introspect

Verily, the messenger of Allah gave me what he gave me, and he was the most hated of people to me. He did not cease in giving them to me until he became the most beloved of all people to me…. Muslim 2313.

 The Sahih Hadees acts as the guiding light for all the believers to act and behave on the post Prophetic era. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed that even the greatest of the enemies could be won through love & compassion. Why the followers of Such a peace loving Prophet have become so much intolerant today?

Paris attacks (beheading of a teacher & attack on a church) were heinous criminal acts. It is not ever possible that Islam sanctions this nor anyone truthful from mankind, who believes in Allah, the exalted. This is because, acts like these represents evil, deceit and treachery causing fear & terror. It involves harming those who have no connection to foreign politics & policy such as women & children and those who are incapable or may not be incapable (transgressing against them by committing) this heinous serious atrocity.

The same principles apply to every believer irrespective of boundaries. V as Indians must be alarmed with the rise of radicals which ultimately leads to violence. a couple of years ago, Paris like act was carried out by one of the most violent radical organizations of India named Popular Front of India (PFI). The PFI cadres chopped off the hands of a Kerala professor named T J Jospeh On the charges of blasphemy. The perpetrators were so much radicalized that after they were caught, they didn’t even show any remorse. Finding similarity with Paris attackers? The only difference between the Paris attacks an attack on Kerala professor is that the former received worldwide attention as it happened in a western European country while the later went unnoticed as the ever tolerant Indians discarded it as a standalone incident. Is it? emboldened by the lack of public reaction these PFI cadres went on committing many serious crimes (all under investigation) Like killing of an NSG Commando, promotion of love jihad, murder of political activists to claim political space, playing an active part in Delhi riots etc.

Every intelligent believer has condemned the Paris attacks all over the world. Many Islamic countries including the land of two holy sanctuaries (i. e. Saudi Arabia) Severely condemned these actions. A similar condemnation is required for organizations like PFI Not only from abroad but also from the peaceful Indian Muslims. Be it Paris attacks or hand chopping incident, any criminal violent act in the name of Islam deserves to be condemned by every believer and every intelligent person. We must pray to the God, the exalted and highest, to thwart the actions of the people of evil and helpers off violence and their leaders (the people of) deceit & treachery, to thwart (their actions) immediately, without any delay for, the world is watching.

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  1. Alhaqeeqa or Zionists crusaders or saffron terror media network. How can you compare Paris attack with chopping of hands of kerala professor

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