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Ramadan: Season to reflect and renew

As one progresses on the spiritual path towards the final destination hereinafter, he faces many obstructions preventing him to be presentable to the Almighty. As humans, we fail, falter and often jaded requiring to be rejuvenated and develop new foliage. Month of Ramadan aims to purify through fasting and penance, acknowledging Allah’s greatness and to find the true meaning in life. During Ramadan month one renews his physical/spiritual energy by delving deeper inside and to analyse shortcomings/contrition. The fasting develops restraint and inspires us to cultivate a more disciplined way of life in the long run.

Penance too, meant that we prayed to God for forgiveness and made it up to others, whom we may have wronged, hurt or derided, besides cleansing ourselves of torts/depressions by abstaining from something we like as well as by strengthening our resolve to live a more productive and fruitful life. Another pillar of Ramadan is almsgiving where to share not only our material goods but also our other resources with warm heart. To practice charity does not mean that we give a small portion from our abundance, for the sake of making a show of it. Rather, it would imply that we give generously in a way that pinches us.

All these practices make Ramadan a time for ‘greening of the soul’. When we water the hard soil of our lives, with prayer, fasting, penance and almsgiving, we become like the trees that stand by running waters, fresh, green and full of life.

When we share, we give life to others. The one month period will indeed become a way of life in which we slowly develop spiritual values and find our roots in deeper soil. We will grow in maturity and become better human beings. There is no spiritual evolution without a search for deeper spirituality. Ramadan enables us to find deeper meanings in life, by giving up sometimes what can be most precious to ourselves to find an even more enriched and fruitful way of life for self and others.

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