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Reservations unconstitutional: MoS declares in Rajya Sabha

Hyderabad: At a time when KCR Govt. started struggle for getting 12% reservations for Muslims and 10% for STs, Govt. of India rejected the proposal.

On the one side, TRS MPs have been demanding to delegate powers to State Governments for providing reservations, on the other hand, replying to the question asked by TDP MP, Mr. Devender Goud, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr. Hansraj Gangaram declared in the Rajya Sabha that such reservations are unconstitutional and hence the bill has been returned to TS Govt. for clarifications.

Mr. Gangaram mentioned that as per section 16 (4) of the Constitution of India, there is a provision for providing proportionate reservations but there is no provision for providing reservations according to size of population.

The bill was sent to President of India under section 201. Earlier, it was sent to the concerned ministries and the Dept. of Personnel and Training. It in turn, reviewed the bill in the light of Section 16 (4) of the constitution and opined that the direction of the Supreme Court should be adhered to.

Central Govt. maintained that TS Govt. did not substantiate the claim for providing reservations. This bill was also sent to Dept. of Tribal Welfare.
It may be mentioned that Govt. of Telangana has been demanding to provide reservations over and above 50% as is being implemented by Tamil Nadu Govt. for the past 21 years.

Govt. of Telangana claims that the bill could be passed by making an amendment in Article 16 (4) of the constitution and by delegating the powers to State Governments.

In response to the question asked by Mr. Devender Goud, TDP MP, Minister of State for Home Affairs observed that Govt. of TS has not substantiated its claim with concrete evidence.

It may be mentioned that Govt. of Telangana had sought recommendations from BCs Commission which is mandatory. Earlier, it had also obtained proposals from Sudhir Commission of Inquiry in this regard.

Since the Central Govt. had returned the bill, the real test of TRS starts now. Mr. KCR had declared that Govt. of TS would approach the Supreme Court in case Central Govt. rejects the proposals. However, Govt. has not reacted so far in this regard.

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