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Run away with Muslim girls, marry them, get rewarded: Hindu Dharma Sena

by Muslim Mirror Staff

In the lead-up to the state elections in Madhya Pradesh, there has been an increase in the promotion of Hindutva ideology. This has resulted in the creation of an atmosphere of animosity towards certain statements and a specific religious group, despite Muslims comprising only 6% of the population in the state.

Surprisingly, even the Congress party has adopted a strong Hindutva stance.

As part of this trend, a Hindutva organization called the Hindu Dharma Sena in Jabalpur city has made a controversial announcement. They have declared that any Hindu youth who marries a Muslim girl will receive a reward of Rs 11,000.

The president of the organization, Yogesh Agarwal, has further stated that his organization will assist in facilitating love marriages between Muslim girls and Hindu boys.

Yogesh Agarwal’s statement is highly controversial and inflammatory. He claims that Muslim boys are “stealing” Hindu daughters and refers to it as “love jihad,” a term that has been widely criticized as propagating baseless conspiracy theories.

Agarwal suggests that Hindu society has a shortage of girls compared to boys and, in response, the Hindu Dharma Sena has decided to support such actions. He goes as far as encouraging Hindu youths to abduct Muslim girls and marry them, offering a cash reward of Rs 11,000 for doing so.

“We are committed to assisting any Hindu boy who is in love with a Muslim girl and wishes to marry her. Our organization will provide support in handling all the necessary paperwork and police formalities. It is imperative that we safeguard our daughters and extend a respectful acceptance to Muslim girls into our families,” he said.

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