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Say Salam to the New Muslim Girl

After almost seven years of growing with, it seems that MG has now hit her own moment of puberty by springing from .net to .com.

Thanks to you and your freaking revolutionary support, we’re growing in a lot of exciting new ways. You can now access all our content directly on the new and super on fleek Our website name will be stylistically written as Muslim Girl. We recategorized our content in the way you like reading it most, with new features like — my personal favorites — WTFatwa!? and Block List. We’re also using this opportunity to partner with To Write Love On Her Arms on our new mental health channel to defy the stigma around Muslims and mental health and create a space for this ongoing convo in our community, period.

Yes, our baby is growing up right before our eyes. Our team of superwomen have defied all odds to raise MG into what you see today, from a crowdfunding campaign backed by the Malala Fund to making history as the first Muslim company on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. And you’ve been right there on the journey with us. The quality that is so innately valuable in Muslim Girl is that our website’s evolution has mirrored our own generation’s exploration of our ever-developing identities. Today, from fashion lines to Olympic teams, I think it’s safe to say that our generation’s Muslim women are bolder, louder, and more fearless in owning who we are than we’ve ever been before.

Muslim Girl has always simply been a reflection of the badass and spirited women that make it up. People sometimes note our “screenname” and ask, “Who is Muslim Girl?” The answer is us. The #MuslimGirlArmy is rapidly growing and being made up of more voices, stories, and backtalking rebels rising up from different walks of life — including you. In today’s world of Donald Trumps and ISIS freaks, we owe it to ourselves to talk back now more than ever. Let’s make it impossible for anyone to have a conversation about Muslim women without including Muslim women!

It’s bittersweet to change so much from the website that started in our teenage bedrooms, but I see it as shedding the way things are for how they fatefully, beautifully, and powerfully can be.

I’d like to invite you to join us in welcoming the new Muslim Girl.

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