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Seven men, including Delhi Policeman, thrash Muslim meat vendors, urinate on them

In Shahdara, a neighbourhood in east Delhi, two meat vendors were allegedly beaten and robbed by seven men, three of whom were Delhi Police officers.

The event happened on March 7 in the Anand Vihar neighbourhood when the two meat dealers were driving in their automobile and collided with a motorbike.


The suspects, who the police have identified as “gau rakshaks,” allegedly threatened to kill the victims and urinated on their faces.

The three police officers, one of whom was an assistant sub-inspector, as well as the seven men who were involved in the event were all arrested and booked, according to the police.

Nawab, a Mustafabad resident who sells meat to the Ghazipur slaughterhouse, was driving home with his cousin Shoaib when they collided with a scooter close to Anand Vihar. According to the FIR, they had meat in the car.

They were had to pay the scooter driver Rs 4,000 in damages. The police officer allegedly stole Rs 2,500 from the meat vendors and sent it to the scooter driver just as a PCR van arrived, according to the FIR.

When the meat providers refused to pay, the policeman reportedly demanded Rs 15,000 from them and threatened to send them to the police station if they did not.

The victims claimed that the officers in the PCR van summoned four other individuals and transported them to a remote location. The accused tried to cut Nawab and Shoaib’s hands with a knife while also pinning them down and beating them. Also, the accused allegedly threatened to kill them and urinated on their faces.

Additionally, the authorities charged them with killing cows and threatened to throw their dead bodies down a drain.

The victims allegedly gave the policeman Rs 25,500 as ransom. The FIR claimed that the victims were “injected” with some drugs and forced to sign certain “blank papers” by the police.

The victims were brought to the GTB Hospital after suffering injuries to their back and limbs, according to the police.

According to them, an accusation of extortion and willful harm was made against the accused on March 10.

A senior police official stated that they are investigating the complainant’s claims.

The three cops, who have been suspended pending an investigation, have, however, faced departmental discipline as a result of a preliminary investigation, the officer added.

(with PTI inputs)

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