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Shambhu Lal killed Afrazul by mistake, his target was another Muslim: Police

NEW DELHI: Shambhu Lal Regar target was another Muslim man but ended up hacking and burning alive Mohammed Afrazul in Rajsamand on December 6, police said on Monday.

According to Hindustan Times reports, during interrogation, Regar admitted that 48-year-old migrant labourer Afrazul was not his target but he killed him by mistake. His intended target was one Ajju Sheikh, a migrant worker like Afrazul from Bengal.

“He [Regar] wanted to kill one Ajju Sheikh because he was in contact with a girl whom Shambhu regarded as his sister,” Rajendra Singh Rao, police circle officer of Rajsamand, told the newspaper. “But we suspect Shambhu had an affair with her.”

According to the police, Shambhu had reportedly spoken to Ajju on phone and did not recognise him in person.

In his pursuit for Ajju, Shambu went to Jhalchakki market but when he couldn’t find him, he asked for his mobile number from another labourer.

“Either the labourer misheard Shambhu, or he thought that since Shambhu needs to get some work done, why not help Afrazul, probably his acquaintance, get some work. He then gave Afrazul’s number to Shambhu,” Rao said.

On December 5, Regar called Afrazul on phone and asked Afrazul to meet him as he wanted a boundary wall of a plot constructed.

On the day of the crime i.e; on December 6, Regar picked up Afrazul and moments later hacked him to death, Regar even had tea with him at a local teashop.

Whiile Afrazul was busy working, Regar went back home and picked up his pickaxe and other tools with which he hacked Afrazul to death.

The accused also got 14-year-old nephew to record the act of himself murdering a 50-year-old man on camera. The brutal videos of the incident went viral on social media platforms triggering nationwide outrage.

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