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Syed Ameer Ali : Known for evoking political consciousness among Muslims

Syed Ameer Ali, the first Muslim scholar who recognized the need of creating political consciousness amongst Muslims was born on 6th April, 1849 at Cuttack (Orissa) and acquired scholarly qualities from his father who was an expert in Arabic / Persian. After obtaining Law Degree from England, he started his legal career from Kolkata Judiciary and became a famous Advocate afterwards, besides, establishing Central National Mohammdan Association in 1877 with an aim to create political consciousness among the Muslims.

Ameer Ali had also been member of the Bengal Legislative Council as well as Imperial Legislative Council and played an important role in the foundation of Indian National Congress. However, he remained vocal for the cause of Muslims including issues on employment, education and other fields. After his retirement as a justice from Kolkata High court in 1890 and subsequent settling down in England, he became first President of the London Unit of All India Muslim League in 1908 following some differences with Indian National Congress. Ameer Ali although pro-actively worked for the issues related to the welfare of Muslim Community, would be known for the books including ‘The Spirit of Islam’, ‘History of Saracens’, authored by him. He passed away on August 3, 1928 in London.

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