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Takfiri ideology : A threat to Islam

Radicalisation and extremism in the name of Takfirism is a major contemporary problem before the Muslim community and Islam. Takfirism is mainly derived from Khawaarji ideology (believers of Jamat-al-Jihad-wa-Takfir-wal-Hijra) which aims to excommunicate/exterminate Muslims who are hindering in the promotion of Jihad and revival of Ummah. About this group Prophet has said, ‘they will continue to appear until the last hour.

Takfiris are infested with widespread ignorance, lack of patience, leading to extreme actions including violence against humanity as religious vengeance. Their scholars have been indoctrinating Islamic militants/terrorists with emotional speeches elaborating that Islamic Sharia is the only law which Muslims are allowed to rule by, besides the judgment by Allah’s law referred as ‘Hakimiyah’, the divine legislation. The Takfiri extremists make no distinction and have been excommunicating all and sundry from the religion, including those who support any secularist law, for any reason. All, opposing this ideology whether in Government, military, police, judiciary or of politico-socio-religio field are labeled as non-Muslims/non-believers and are subject to extermination.

During Prophet’s time, Khawaarijis, whom Takfiris follow, were against Imam Ali, Ayesha (Prophet’s wife) and also killed a companion of the Prophet, Abdullah bin Khaboob, (along with his pregnant wife and the unborn child). Takfiris misinterpret Quran, distort the concept of Jihad spill blood of Muslims/non-Muslims alike, disobey Muslim political leadership, justify revolt, arouse emotions of Muslim masses inciting religious sentiments, target youths/immature and also scholars/religious leaders opposing them.

Takfiris need intervention/checking/countering through pro-active counter radicalisation/terrorism methods, like in ‘Amman message’ and ‘Aqaba’ persuaded by king of Jordan, the direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad, besides being acclaimed by Governments world over.

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