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The Chaos

Western youth is not as bewitched, as is the Muslim youth bewitched by the material progress of the West, Japan, China and others. And the phenomenon – of disappointment and loss of faith – is growing. On the other hand, Muslim youth, of all regions, having lost their close contact with their Lord, suffer from the same diseases of uncertainty, listlessness, unfocused, and as unconnected with the past, as with their present, in addition to their loss of faith in Islam.

The Western youth – though not all of them, but a good number – knows the failure of its social, political, economic, religious and even scientific leadership. It feels convinced that ganging up together, the leadership is the creator of chaos prevalent now, which clearly promises greater chaos in the coming years. It is believed that its religious leadership is a spent force. It is morally decayed and spiritually drained,

A nun has condemned the Catholic church’s hierarchy for its failure to tackle the scourge of clerical sexual abuse, saying leaders must concede that their “mediocrity, hypocrisy and complacency” has brought the church to a “disgraceful place”.

The political leadership is bereft of any values, and lives on rallying cries such as: human rights, gender equality, democracy, anti-racism, justice for all, and so on. But these are no more than rallying cries, and agenda that are for talk-shows.

We don’t have any effective leadership. We are saturated in divide & conquer liberal v conservative nonsense. When your country is being systematically attacked, fighting amongst each other is not the way to go. We need to urgently unite against systemic corruption. (https://AQMkADAwATE0YjYwLWMwZ)

If ever the slogans are taken seriously, they are tinged, adulterated, and contaminated with hypocrisy, so that the terms give a warped meaning, applicable to a chosen race, of a chosen region. The youth, and now the intellectuals, in increasing numbers, feel that the situation is so serious that third-world war could break out any time. The fear is growing that this century could well be the last century of mankind.

Values have been tossed into gutters, men have become animals, families have been broken, homes have become women’s most dangerous places, and violent crimes are rocketing up. In Britain everyday, someone gets knifed or shot. A sixteen-year-old boy pulls a six-year girl out of her bed at knife-point, takes to an abandoned building, tortures, rapes, and kills her. Both are white. Imagine the pain she went through.

Addressing the killer, the judge, Lord Matthews, said he (the offender) had committed “some of the wickedest, most evil crimes this court has ever heard in its long history of dealing with depravity”. He added: “I have no idea why you did this.”( the time during the trial the boy sat motionless, impassioned, evincing no remorse whatsoever. The feat is followed by another young man. His target is a 14-year-old girl. Adults are setting examples. A woman in her late twenties appears for an interview, and saying, “Britain will be as naked after Brexit as I am now,” removes her shirt (she is bra-less) and sits bare-chested throughout the interview. Another has vowed that she will not be outsmarted and so before cameras staring in disbelief she removes all her clothes walking about before the audience stark naked.

At the social level, incorrigible children as young as 13 are joining white-supremacist terrorist outfits, which have sprung up all over Europe. Sexual perversion among them is unspeakable. In some areas, gangsterism in the streets scares the older people from passing through them in daylight.

That is at the societal level. At the state and governmental level, leaders in Britain have been quarreling between themselves over Brexit for most of the time during the last year. The fighting is so severe and serious that it erupts between members of the same party: the party splits. In USA, the government is shut down, government employees made jobless, with politicians showing as much remorse as the boy at the trial. The country has been blessed with a President who trusts the Russian leader Putin more than his own Security Agencies. His focussed objective (so that, perhaps, Israel cannot be questioned about its Wall), instead of attending to dire problems, is to build a wall, which his countrymen think may be funded by the government, as he demands if he promises to stay on the other side of the wall. The following moaning gives an idea of what is happening at the national level. It is from USA:

“Improper Payments” Cost U.S. Taxpayers $144 Billion A Year, according to yet another mind-blowing Government Accountability. Corruption is much worse than people realize, as we can prove in vivid details now. Bottom line, the government is collapsing.  And when you report on it in a way that informs and unites the American people, you get censored and hacked.

In other lands, power is in the hands of democratically elected inept people. They have a fantastic vision of the future. If its description is hazy, it is because the vision is hazy, if not imaginary altogether. It is also hazy because the project of what will be realized ultimately is 200 years away. It is a long term plan. In the short-term, people’s welfare comes next. Some evaluators see no hope. But who cares? Some seem do not know the basic functions of a civilized state: peace and security. But that is alright for them, and their brainwashed people, because they belong to the past, maybe several thousand years.

Such is the state globally. Muslim states that have abandoned Islam when it comes to serious matters, fare no better. You see chaos everywhere, yet here you are, Muslim youth seeks to free the Ummah of its subjugation to its Lord, and join up ranks with those who have lost all hopes. One of those who have lost all hopes appreciates a veiled Muslimah, and remarks: “Hold on to your convictions, you are humanity’s last hope!”

While the tragedy in the Western world has flattened all hopes, it is now unfolding in the Muslim world, particularly among its youth. The Muslim youth today knows nothing, understands nothing. Their entire learning is through 15-second clips on WhatsApp. Most of it pornographic. Some time back the situation led the late Abul Hasan Ali Nadwito remark: “This is a Fitnah, which has no Abu Bakr to combat it.” Now it leaves the Muslim leadership gasping for air. Allah has warned:

And, whoso associated with Allah is like someone who fell from the heavens so that the birds snatch him up, or the winds sweep him off to a distant place” (22: 32)


“The likeness of those who disbelieved in their Lord (is that): their deeds are like ashes, over which the wind blew strong on a stormy day; they have no power whatsoever over what they earned. That indeed is the distant error.”(14: 18)


“And he who desires a religion other than Islam, shall not have it accepted of him. He shall be of the losers in the next world”. (3: 85)

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