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The man of worldliness, is always in prison and difficulty. There is a worldly man and a religious man. The religious man always prioritizes religion irrespective of having the world or losing it. The worldly man prefers the world irrespective of having or losing the deen and he won’t feel the dust or breeze of peace. Only Allah’s slaves are fortunate of obtaining peace and pleasure. There is a skill which is the secret of their freedom. The source of sorrow is unexpected happenings and this is the reality of sorrow or distress. The righteous slaves of Allah SWT cut off this very root of placing expectations in worldly things. Why should then there be sorrow? Hazrat Gangohi (R.a.) said, “Do not have any expectations from anyone”. He then asked the servants, “Tell me what you think of me?” They replied, “You are our guardian, benefactor and we cannot thank you enough for your favors”. Hazrat said, “I am telling from my heart, do not place any expectation even in me but only in Allah SWT”. If tawheed is residing in every single vein of a man like this, how will he have any expectation from anyone?

There is judiciousness of Allah SWT in whatever He SWT destines for you. The similitude of this is like a mother who applies medicinal drops to the painful eyes of the child. The child screams out of pain and is angry with the mother but when he gets the understanding, he prays for his mother. Similarly whatever pain and difficulty Allah SWT is giving you, it is in your favor and for your benefit in both the worlds. Without trials in this world, we won’t turn towards Him SWT. The man remembers his Lord when he is in difficulty. Without difficulty, we won’t be equipped for the akhirah. If you get death in this state, you will be purified by the hell fire rather than by the trials of this world. It is better we get purified right in this world. I will give you the glad tidings that the punishment of hell is for the purification of Muslims and not to punish. You know when your house lamp gets greased, it is cleansed by burning it. You are Allah’s lamp but greasy and your dirt will be purified by the hell fire. Cleansing of our dirt right in this world will obviate our purification in the akhirah. Allah SWT purifies Muslims by sending them the trials and difficulties. Now tell me, isn’t this for your good?

It is beneficial for akhirah and dunya that a man’s akhlaaq (conduct and behavior) gets upright through trials and difficulties. Trials and tribulations make a man good natured and without them arrogance, pharaoh-like nature and devilishness gets inside him. By blessings of trials, one gets humility, submissiveness and he realizes his status when Allah SWT reprimands him with difficulties. Uprightness of akhlaaq grants one more peace. Bad natured person saddens everyone and people see him as a villain. The reality of world gets disclosed by trials and tribulations and a man realizes that the world is not a place to which heart should be attached. This realization is a great knowledge and the world coming before a man with its reality is a great door to knowledge. When this knowledge is not obtained, a man will be immersed in ignorance and ignorance is a massive defect. Let Allah SWT grant us all the right knowledge. Ameen!

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