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Trudeau nominates first Muslim judge to Supreme Court

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has nominated Mahmud Jamal as the next member of the Supreme Court, the first judge of color and Muslim to take the seat.

“I am pleased to announce the nomination of Justice Mahmud Jamal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Respected around the world, Canada’s Supreme Court is known for its strength, independence, and judicial excellence. I know that Justice Jamal, with his exceptional legal and academic experience and dedication to serving others, will be a valuable asset to our country’s highest court,” Trudeau said in a statement.

Born into an Indian Muslim family, Jamal will replace Justice Rosalie Abella, who will retire from the nine-person court on July 1. Justice Jamal appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada in 35 appeals addressing a wide range of civil, constitutional, criminal, and regulatory issues.

He has also taught constitutional law at McGill University, administrative law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He was also chair of Osler’s pro bono program and a member of its Partnership Board.

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