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Two-day seminar on life and contributions of renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Luqman Salafi 

By Special Correspondent

The two-day virtual seminar on the contributions and services of world- renowned commentator of Quran and  biographer of Prophet Muhammad PUBH, Dr Muhammad Luqman Al-Salafi was concluded with the announcement of an academic award after his name.The seminar on Allama (Dr) Luqman was organised by the old boys association of Jamia Ibn Taymiyyah.

On the last day of the seminar, a resolution was passed related to the nation and humanity at large.  It also announced of establishing special chair on Allama Luqman at the Jamia Imam Ibn Taymiyyah Taymiyyah. The rector of Jamia, Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Luqman Al-Salafi has warmly welcomed the proposal of chair.

On the last day, three sessions were held in which Dr Luqman’s life and contributions were highlighted by the noted scholars from India and the Arab world.

The first session was chaired by Maulana Riaz Ahmad Salafi.  As many as 13 papers on various aspects of the life and services of Dr Muhammad Luqman Salafi were presented. Maulana Kaleem Anwar Mohammad Saeed Tamimi, Dr. Zal-ur-Rehman Tamimi, Maulana Sajid Wali Tamimi, Maulana Uzair Kausar Tamimi, Maulana Hafiz-ur-Rehman Tamimi, Maulana Shakir Adil Tamimi, Maulana Saif-ur-Rehman Tamimi, Maulana Muhammad Sharif Tamimi, Dr. Rafiq Tamimi, Maulana Niaz Ahsan Tamimi and  Maulana Sharafuddin read their papers.

In his presidential remarks, Maulana Riaz Ahmad Salafi underlined that Dr Muhammad Luqman Salafi’s focus was the promotion of Da’wah who had dedicated his entire life to the cause of the Muslim Ummah. The fourth session was literary and cultural, which was presided over by renowned poet Maulana Salik Bastavi and directed by renowned poet Jamil Akhtar Shafiq Taymi.

The concluding session of the program was chaired by the Chairman of Jamiat-ul-Quran, London, and Dr. Sohaib Hassan Abdul Ghaffar and conducted by Maulana Sanaullah Sadiq Tamimi.

 Among those who presented their reflections were Khalid Anwar Tamimi, Maulana Khurshid Ahmad Salafi, Dr. Saeed Ahmad Umri, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Salafi, Maulana Abdul Hakim Madani, Dr. Hasharuddin Madani, Maulana Muhammad Shamshad Rahmani, Dr. Wasim Muhammadi, Maulana Sifat Alam Tamimi, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi Salafi and Maulana Abdul Rahman Obaidullah Rahim and others.

Dr. Sohaib Hassan said that Jamia Imam Ibn Taymiyyah is a great effort in itself which was single-handedly set up by Dr. Luqman Al Salafi. Maulana Shamshad Rahmani, Deputy Ameer of Sharia Emirate of Bihar and Jharkhand, said that Dr Muhammad Luqman Salafi was a global personality and his life was an epitome of constant struggle. He was one of the masters of all-round virtues whose contributions will  benefit the country, nation and humanity.

Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Hafiz Abu Talha Tamimi presented the resolutions and recommendations on behalf of the conference and the convener of the conference Dr. Muhammad Shaith Idrees Tamimi thanked all the participants.

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