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UK must apologise for giving Palestinian land to another people: Jordan Parliament

UK must apologise for Balfour Declaration

Amman: The Jordanian Lower House of Parliament on Sunday called on Britain to apologize to the people of Palestinian over the “notorious” Balfour Declaration, by which the UK gave, without any right or consent from anyone, the land of Palestine to another people.

“The infamous Balfour pledge unlocked the door for Jews refugees (to Palestine to establish the Israeli entity), which resulted in Palestinians displacement, exorbitant taxes levied on farmers in order to force them out of their lands, as well as confiscation of thousands of acres of lands in favor of Zionism,” a statement issued by the legislature reads.

The statement went on describing the declaration an “imprescriptible crime”, and that the Palestinians choice was to strive for the restoration of their legitimate rights.

Drafted on 2 November 1917, the 67-word declaration promised support for the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.

Although it has been 101 years since the promise was made, the will of the Palestinians has not died down, and generation after generation, they have not forgotten their rights.

Palestinians launched the “Great March of Return” protests on March 30, in an effort to bring an end to the 11-year siege of the enclave and calling for their right to return to homes from which their families were forced out.

More than 205 Palestinians have been killed and more than 20,000 injured by Israeli snipers since the launch of the marches.

On Friday, 32 people were injured in the impoverished Gaza Strip during a protest marking the Balfour Declaration, Jordan news agency Petra reported.

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