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Use Muslim data collected for Sachar scheme as claimed

Jaipur: The directives issued by the Centre to all States to submit detailed reports of Muslim employees working in the Health Department has now sparked an untold, unseen, dreadful fear among the community after witnessing the atrocities and hate crime against Muslims in the secular Nation.

Now this Centre’s new directives comes after the recent brutal murder of a Muslim Labour, who was first attacked and burnt alive, brutal hate crime recorded by the murderer’s nephew.

The murderer though arrested showed no remorse and in fact was proud exhibiting his hatred for the community by boldly shooting the gory murder.

The Rajasthan government said the Muslim data collected was in accordance with Centre’s directives, which it further claims, was collected on the implementation of the recommendations of the Sachar committee on the welfare of minorities.

Now the skeptical move by the Centre’s Government has risen these undying fears in the hearts of Muslims which can only be warded off with proving there was no hidden ulterior motive to the move.

Amidst rising atrocities against Muslims, right-wing groups boldly threatening the Muslim community with Hindutva leaders giving communal statements of reducing the Muslim population while some others boldly declaring the community should be limited, the Centre’s move is surely a skeptical one!

As per the survey 2016, 43% of Muslims are illiterate and this community is the left uncared for with the least representation among minorities in government jobs, private sector.

They are also deprived of other basic amenities no Politician ever speaks about. Loan facilities are also not easily available to them.

The Sachar Committee schemes raised a high awareness programme among this socially backward community but since it is also available for the other minority communities, apparently Muslims are left behind, reports HT.

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