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Vaccine is Permissible for Getting Protection against Coronavirus: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

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NEW DELHI – Shariah Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on Wednesday stated that it is permissible under Islamic law to get vaccine jabs for getting protection against COVID-19.

Issuing fresh guidelines on the permissibility of COVID-19 vaccines, Secretary of the Shariah Council Dr. Raziul Islam Nadvi has informed that a number of COVID-19 vaccines are available in the market. He said, “the government is urging people to get vaccinated along with supplying vaccine doses. In this context, many Muslims are asking whether it is permissible to get the corona vaccine”.

He stated that guidelines were issued after deliberating on the matter with the scholars of the Shariah Council.

  1. The Corona vaccine is not a cure, it is a precautionary measure. Everyone has a right to get it.
  1. The main intention is to strengthen the immune system of the human body. A person with a strong immune system can avoid a disease without being vaccinated.
  1. Vaccination reduces the potential risk of the disease, so it is better to get it, particularly for middle-aged or old people.
  1. Islamic jurists have allowed a vaccine to be administered even if it contains prohibited substances, because. Firstly, the alteration in the basic properties and characters of an impermissible object makes it permissible. Secondly, it is permissible to use impermissible things in dire and emergency situations to protect human life.
  2. In an epidemic situation, or there is a strong risk of contracting a disease, taking precautionary measures are as much obligatory as its treatment.
  3. A person who has not been vaccinated should take other precautions to avoid getting infected and transmitting it to others.

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