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Violent radical ideology has no place in Islam

While strongly and unequivocally condemning the dastardly terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka (April 21, 2019), killing hundreds of church goers and other innocent persons, several renowned Ulema/clergy and Muslim scholars of India have deeply condoled the killing of their Christian brethren, besides terming that violent radical ideology had no place in Islam. They viewed that terror was not associated with any faith or religion, besides calling for a stern action against the perpetrators.

Expressing solidarity with the victims of attack, Muslims and Christian leadership have come hand to hand in appealing for maintenance of peace and communal harmony at this crucial juncture. Religious clerics across the country also condemned the attacks in their Friday Khutba/Taqreer. They termed the extremist organizations like ISIS, reportedly responsible for above attack and of its ilk are indeed perverts who followed the ideology of annihilation. Holy Quran, the teachings of the Prophet and sermons of Ahadith have explicitly refrained Muslims of such acts of hatred and violence. They further exhorted that there seemed to be a concerted effort on the part of some dark forces to create an atmosphere of fear and hatred, besides denigrating Islam which is a peace loving religion and has nothing to do with Murder/mayhem.

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