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11 Mewati sisters show metal to break patriarchy, obtain higher education, job

By Hasan Akram

New Delhi: Muslim dominated Mewat, one of the most backward regions of the country, will now also be known for producing 11 daughters who strived hard – braving the patriarchal set up – to realise their dream of obtaining higher education and choose their own lifestyle.

All of them are well qualified and work in different sectors. Four of them are government school teachers. One of them, who is named Nusrat is a lecturer at Government Polytechnic, Malab, Mewat. Apart from them, sister Razia is an MBA and works in a private firm while Nazia has done Diploma in architecture and is employed in the private sector.

They hail from Chandeni, a village in Haryana’s Muslim-dominated Mewat area.

Shabnam, who is a government school teacher, told Muslim Mirror that she along with her sisters had gone through a long struggle to realise their dreams of education.

She recalled that her sisters had to travel a lot and move to different locations due to the lack of good colleges in nearby areas.

Locals used to tell her elders that they should not give higher education to their girls because they will have to face difficulties to marry them.

Shabnam believes that in the 90s when she and her other sisters were in schools, it was difficult to find a perfect match for educated girls in Mewat. ”However, that situation has changed nowadays,” she added.

Sometimes, the sisters have to face ‘troubles’ at the workplace due to their Muslim identity. ”We meet troubles, more specifically in private sectors,” Shabnam added.

”However, they gradually change their behaviour with us when they come to know about us,” she stated.

In her message to society, Shabnam said, ”Apart from getting degrees, people should try to be open-minded and good human beings for the society.”

Indian parents, more commonly in villages, hesitate to send their daughters to colleges and universities. That’s why a large number of girls fail to be independent financially as well as mentally. In such an atmosphere, the success story of ’11 sisters’ is encouraging.

Their Qualifications:

1: Nafeesa: J.B.T and B.Ed and working as govt.teacher.

2:Shabnam: M.A, J.B.T and working as a govt. teacher.

3:Afsana: J.B.T, M.A, B.Ed.

4:Farhana: J.B.T, M.A, B.Ed
and working as a govt.teacher.

5:Shahnaj : J.B.T, M.A, B.Ed and working as a teacher in private school.

6:Ishrat: B.A.

7:Nushrat: J.B.T, M.A, M.Ed and working as a lecturer in Malab Polytechnic.

8:Ana: J.B.T, M.A B.Ed and working as a govt. teacher.

9: Razia: M.B.A and working in private sector.

10:Nazia: Diploma in architecture and working in private sector.

11:Bushra: M.A, B.Ed

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